How Sunshine Security Are Using Video To Attract And Convert Ready To Buy Leads

Learn the two step video strategy that is based on educating audiences before turning ideal prospects into leads and sales

What separates a video that drives results from one that simply gathers digital dust is not just a powerful message but also one that has the right message for the right audience.

A great-looking video with a great message aimed at the wrong audience will bring some results, but not necessarily the results you wanted.

In this article, I’ll show how our clients at Sunshine Security are using video to strategically attract high-quality leads who are fully educated about their services and ready to engage in conversation with them.

What marketing problem were Sunshine Security trying to solve?

When Mushir, the owner of Sunshine Security first found out about us, it was from a Facebook paid ad campaign we were running for ourselves. The goal of our campaign was simple. We knew that people were looking for videography services, but they didn’t know about our unique approach to video marketing. We wanted to change that.

So we ran an ad campaign that educated people rather than sold to them. The goal being, if we did our job of educating our audience well enough, then people would understand how we could help them.

And it worked. Mushir came across our ad and happened to be looking for something similar for Sunshine Security. As a security installations company, they were already providing a great service to their customers. A quick read through their google reviews proved that to us. It was no surprise that they got most of their customers from referrals. People who were satisfied with the service they received.

But they wanted to have a repeatable system of also attracting cold audiences. People who had never previously heard about them. These people might have just experienced a burglary or some other incident that prompted them to look for security services. But they would not necessarily be educated enough to make the right decision about choosing the right security systems installer for them.

We first needed to find out what the typical buying behaviors were of people searching for security solutions. And only then decide what type of information we needed to put in front of them to turn them into leads.

Our Diagnosis

From our deep dive meetings and research, we identified the following paths people took when looking for security system installations. They would either:

  • Go down the DIY route, buy off-the-shelf products, and install them by themselves because it is cheap on the surface. Not necessarily having the right skills or knowledge of the risks involved.


  • Find the biggest name brand or supplier and hire them without knowing if it was a right fit for their requirements.


  • Get overwhelmed with the process and give up altogether.

None of these options would be beneficial to the person looking for security solutions or for Sunshine Security.

We needed to find a way of equipping these audiences with the right perspective before inviting them into a sales conversation with Mushir, who handled all the sales calls himself.

It’s the only way they would come in with the correct information, ready to make a buying decision.

Our Solution

We created a two video strategy that was designed to empower people with the right perspective about security systems before inviting them to book a call with Sunshine Security. Through ad targeting, we could get these videos in front of people who are most likely to convert.

Here we’ll describe the two videos we made so you can make and implement them too.

Video 1 | Empowerment Video

Video 1 is what we call the Empowerment Video. In this instance, the Empowerment video was designed to be put in front of cold audiences, people who never heard of Sunshine Security before and may or may not have the right level of knowledge and education about security systems. They might also be actively looking for security installation services or at least have some level of interest in the subject.

Empowerment Video Objectives

Being presented to a cold audience, this video needed to achieve the following:

  • Arm people with the right information to make an educated decision about installing security systems. This is to give them enough information so they are ready to make a buying decision.
  • Shift their perspectives about common misconceptions in the industry. Not only will this educate them further, but will position Sunshine Security as the authority, making them the obvious logical choice to work with and
  • Invite the viewer to come off the advertising platform (ex: Facebook) so that they are kept away from all distractions waiting to steal their attention.

From watching the Empowerment Video, viewers would be educated enough and ready to make a decision on picking the right security systems installer for them.

Empowerment Video Distribution Strategy

This video was designed to be used as part of a hyper-targeted Facebook campaign. Facebook is able to use millions of data points to identify people who are most likely to convert into a lead and automatically put the video in front of them. This is what’s called a “Conversion campaign”.

Below is an example of what it looks like inside Facebook.

The landing page is where the viewer would be able to make the enquiry.

Empowerment Video Splits

The best part is, based on who watched at least a portion (we aim for a minimum of 25%) of this video, Facebook allows you to put new content in front of these people in a targeted manner.

This is useful because someone who watched at least 25% of a long video will have a much higher level of interest in that service than someone who skips after just a few seconds. These people are much more likely to turn into a lead. Chances are, they either got distracted by something else. Or didn’t find the information that would be most relevant to them straight away. Either way, this would have been a lost opportunity.

By putting subsequent ads and videos only in front of these audiences you’re able to significantly lower your client acquisition costs.

So in addition to the main video, we split the Empowerment video into 3 shorter videos purely with the intention of being used in retargeting ads.

Here’s what the setup would look like overall:

Empowerment Video Length

While most marketing agencies will tell you that you need to make your videos shorter (15 seconds was the limit, the last time I heard). They’ll present you with a video retention graph that shows retention dropping off significantly after the first few seconds.

But if you peel back the layers, you’ll find that even with longer videos, you’ll still retain 3 to 4% of your audience.

Now as a service provider, would you rather have people watch a 30-second video and retain say 10% of your audience?

Or would you prefer 3 to 4% of that audience to watch a longer 10-minute video where you are offering them direct value and building trust?

We prefer the quality over quantity approach when it comes to getting leads. Hence this type of video is typically in the 10-minute region. Long enough to educate someone on a subject, but not too long (think webinars) to lose their interest. We did the same for Sunshine Security.

Here’s their Empowerment video.

How to turn landing page visits to leads and enquiries?

It is one thing to get someone to click on an ad to reach a landing page they’ve never seen before. But to get them to give out their information and make an enquiry requires overcoming some more internal friction from a potential buyer. After all, they will have been targeted by other ads before and will have a high level of skepticism.

Secondly, even if they are ready to make a buying decision, they would still have various suppliers to choose from. Unless trust is built first.

And finally, even for people who did make it to their website, it is a well-known fact that the average new visitor will spend anything between 2 and 4 minutes on a website.

a circular graph showing the time spent by an average user on a website they've never visited before

If they are ready to make a buying decision, then they will be looking to find information about the business that will help them build trust and confidence in the brand. They will want to know things like who does the business help, how do they do it, what are their values, their processes, how they are unique, and so on. Only once they know all this, would they be willing to make that inquiry.

On a typical website, they’d have to go searching for this information inside various tabs. If the viewer didn’t find the right information during the 2 to 4 minutes, their chances of leaving the website go up exponentially.

As an example, the picture below shows the typical journey a new page visitor looking to build a new house would have to make on a website before they find the right information.

We needed to make sure that we gave Sunshine security the best chance of converting this new viewer into an enquiry. That’s where the 5D Story Video comes in.

Video 2 | 5D Story Video

That’s where video 2 comes in. It’s what we call a 5D Story Video. This video needed to achieve the following:

  • Build instant trust between the viewer and the brand. Without trust, no matter how well-informed the viewer is, they would face internal friction from making an enquiry.
  • Show how Sunshine Security’s services were different from the other suppliers out there. Armed with their new perspective from watching the Empowerment Video, the viewer would quickly know how this uniqueness would be valuable to them and
  • Show a testimonial from a happy customer that validates all the claims made in both the videos thus far. This builds social proof and injects confidence into the message even further.

And finally, the video identifies the viewer by qualifying them and invites them to get in touch.

As a result, when people land on their website or landing page, they won’t have to go looking for information about their processes, uniqueness and everything else a new prospect needs to know before they become a lead. All the information will be in the video itself. This will help convert more of the traffic they are already attracting to their website (ex: through referrals) into leads and enquiries.

You can watch their 5D Story Video below:

Why is website conversion important?

All the effort that you put into your marketing is to drive traffic to your website so people learn more about you and convert into enquiries, leads and eventually sales.

Converting someone who has already landed on your page into a lead is the first step in this sales process and will have huge a huge impact on your cost of making a sale.

For illustration purposes, I’ve shown what a simple conversion from a landing page into a sale would look like for a $1000 product. By simply increasing the website’s conversion rate from 1% to 30%, both of which are achievable, you can increase your revenue earned by up to 2900%.

And the best part is you can do this without changing anything else inside your marketing. No need to increase your ad spend by even one cent. So it’s practically free money.

Video is known to be the most effective way of getting people to stay longer on your website and converting into leads. By making it story-based and engaging, you further amplify this effect. If nothing else, this on its own can completely transform your marketing.

How does this whole video strategy help Sunshine Security?

Here are some of the benefits of this approach:

  • Sunshine security now has five (including the retargeting splits) video assets that they can use to convert cold audiences into warm and qualified conversations. On demand. They can activate these videos whenever they choose to. And use the same videos on all platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc to keep scaling their client acquisition with the same videos.
  • Unlike most of their competitors who advertise and sell by using hype and industry buzzwords, Sunshine Security will be selling through quiet confidence. Educating the audience first and then building trust with them. This will not only help them attract more qualified leads but will also build long-term goodwill in their market with people who are not yet ready to buy.
  • They don’t need complicated setups and funnels to start seeing results. All they need is an Ad account that allows them to put the Empowerment Video in front of cold audiences (we recommended Facebook). And a landing page where the 5D Story would guide the viewer to book a call/meeting with them.

Key takeaways

You don’t need a conveyor belt of videos to start seeing results. All it needs is a focused approach.

Rather than simply focussing on leads, the key to a good video marketing strategy is in attracting higher quality leads. Ones that are fully educated on your subject of expertise and who value what you bring to the table. And not just tyre kickers who become a drain on resources.

This type of audience will always value education over hype or gimmicks. Because they have a problem that needs solving. So give them what they want. If they find that your solution is right for them and are able to build trust with you, then you won’t just gain a new customer. You will gain a lifelong fan.

Want our team to help execute this strategy for your business?

Feel free to execute this strategy on your own and start seeing results.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time, expertise or patience to do this by yourself, then we can help you.

First we’ll have a look at your sales process and see what you’re currently doing in your marketing. What’s working, what’s not, what could be improved, amplified and so on. Based on that, we will identify the videos that will give you an immediate return on your investment. We only take on projects where we can clearly trace this.

What next?

If everything so far checks out, and you’re ready to completely transform the way people buy from you, then fill out our Discovery Form here.  If we know for sure we can help you, we’ll get arrange a strategy session to show you how our video strategy will help you achieve your business goals.

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