How Our Clients Are Using Video To Give Them An Unfair Advantage Over Their Competition

How our clients are using video to give them an unfair advantage over their competition

Discover unique ways of using video in your own business to stand out from the crowd.

Video is no longer just a numbers game.

With ever reducing costs of production, the barrier for entry for making business videos has been significantly lowered.

This means there is way too much noise out there for businesses to simply rely on pumping out more and more videos.

Viewers are now constantly bombarded with information. 

As a result, they are not making buying decisions based on information alone.

To top it all off, automation tools have made it easy to flood the internet with even more promotional content.

Making it harder and harder for good businesses to get their message heard.

But there is a better way. And the answer is strangely by making fewer videos. Not more.

By first identifying the roadblocks in their sales process, we’re able to identify what type of videos will give our clients an immediate return on their investment.

We then identify the core message and offer that will separate them from their competitors. 

Storytelling makes their message so unique that it is impossible for anyone else to copy it.

Thuy (Co-Founder-Bosstradie) and Jared (Managing Director- Alltech Coatings)- Brisbane, Australia

How Alltech are using our videos to gain an upper hand against their competitors in their bids/proposals.

Khuram Nasir (Co-Owner-Brisbane Boxing) - Brisbane, Australia

Khuram talks about how Brisbane Boxing are using our video to make them stand out in a crowded fitness market.

Keith Burchill- (Founder/Owner-Haigslea Residential/Assquire - Brisbane, Australia)

We talk about how Assquire is using only a single video we made to simplify a complex message/offer that their target audience will see value in. And the importance of it.

Jeff Bennett- ( Brisbane, Australia

Jeff Bennett, the founder of talks about how he’ll be using video to replicate his own conversations so that he can build relationships with his target audience at scale. Before even selling to them.

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