ACT Trilogy - Sell Your Service 24/7 Like A Living Breathing Salesperson

Don't be just another faceless organization. Instead use these 3 videos to sell to your audience like a real human would.

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Last updated by Cliff Coelho on September 21, 2023

Who Is This For?

This guide was created for you if you own/run a business selling high ticket services. This could be in any industry ranging from home services, business services, coaches, consultants, and even SAAS companies.

Right now, you might be experiencing one or all of the following:

  1. You sell high end services (where clients spend at least $2k the first time) where building instant trust with your prospect is hard.
  2. Prospects compare you on price even though you offer greater value.
  3. You’re in a saturated market with several competitors offering the same end results. So it’s hard to stand out.
  4. You waste a lot of time in your sales calls repeating and explaining what you do.
  5. You get leads, but find they’re rarely qualified to become a buyer.
  6. You’ve run ads and have done SEO, but you’ve seen costs go up dramatically recently.

The Biggest Mistake Most High End Service Businesses Make

The ability to turn new greenfield audiences into warm leads is the key to client acquisition. And making it predictable so you’re not relying entirely on getting referrals is the holy grail of business growth.

But most businesses struggle with this because they’re competing against all the noise with a message that doesn’t cut through. It’s like putting a poodle in a dog fight for attention.

Most businesses try to overcome this by creating more content. Aka more poodles. But without a central defining message needed to drive the sale forward.

While this does generate some interest, as it manages you to stay on top of your audience’s mind. But the content itself makes them blend in with everyone else.

The truth is, if these businesses were able to take their ideal prospects from being problem unaware to becoming problem aware in a predictable way, they’d be able to tap into an unlimited source of highly qualified leads.

Then it’s just a matter of showing how your solution  uniquely benefits them. And finally building enough trust for them to seek your help.

Just like a good salesperson would. First identifying a specific problem your ideal prospect is currently trying to solve. Then guiding them through the solution. Before offering to help with it.

Not just throwing your whole bucket of solutions at the prospect and hoping they can decide on their own.

We systemised this step in our own and in our clients’ sales process, so we could always have a full pipeline of leads.

And we did it with just 3  videos that:

  1. Attention: Captured our ideal prospect’s attention in places where they were already spending time
  2. Credibility: Showed them how we’re unique and
  3. Trust: Built enough trust so people felt comfortable enough reaching out for our help

We named it the ACT Trilogy. Based around a study that found it took 3 positive experiences to turn a complete stranger into a returning customer.

We use 3 videos to recreate these positive experiences, but long before someone even becomes a customer. Just like a living breathing salesperson would.AC

We then take it a step further by using every piece of content to drive conversions through the ACT Trilogy. Today you’ll learn the secrets behind this very system so you can implement it in your own business.

Each video in this trilogy is designed to drive forward action in your sales process. All while weeding out the poor quality leads.

Video 1: Empowerment Video

Why Businesses Need It?

  • People are fed of constantly being sold to.
  • Getting leads from cold traffic is like entering a dog fight. You’ll be constantly fighting for attention.

For audience type: Cold

This represents a large pool of people who are experiencing the problems you can solve. They just just don’t know why they’re experiencing it. 

Tapping into this audience and making them aware of the root cause of their problem is the holy grail of acquiring highly qualified leads. Because they’re now educated enough about their problem to make an informed buying decision.

Ideal video length: Between 5 and 10 mins. You can watch ours above.

How to implement: Most effective when put in front of targeted audiences by paying ad platforms like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok or Linkedin to do it. In B2B, this can also be used to launch high converting cold email campaigns.

What should your video contain?

Your video needs to arm your target cold audiences with information that will help them make better buying decisions.

But education on its own is not enough. Your prospect To move the needle, your video will also need to

  1. Stop your prospect from scrolling by capturing their attention within seconds.
  2. Identify the root cause of their problem and position your service as the right solution. 
  3. Qualify and give them clear directions to visit your landing page or website to learn more.

Once qualified, give them reason to act now. Otherwise most people will put things off even if they know they need to solve something quickly.

Benefits of this approach

  • Become platform agnostic: If Facebook and Google disappear tomorrow, you can easily transfer to a new one.
  • Thought leadership: Cement your place as the industry leader by educating your audience first.
  • Build goodwill on auto-pilot: even with people who are not ready to buy yet. When they are, your competitors won’t even be considered.
  • Achieve low ad costs: People will genuinely want to watch your ad. It won’t be a nuisance like most video ads.
  • Quality over quantity: Generate fewer but far more qualified leads. Increase the efficiency of your sales team by sending them better leads.

Watch our Empowerment Video below. Here we demonstrate how our unique approach helps our core audience get better results.

Video 2: 5D Story Video

Why Businesses Need It?

  • No trust = no sale: Trust in businesses is at an all time low. Yet a crucial part in selling high ticket services.
  • Commoditisation of services: It’s hard to stand out when everyone else in your industry is offering the same end result.
  • Selling the intangible is hard: People find it difficult to understand how your service will help them because they can’t see it.
  • Too many pathways on websites: Even people who are interested find it hard to find the right information on most websites. Hence the low conversion rates to enquiries.
If you could simply position your brand as unique so that no one could ever copy your message

For audience type: Warm

These are people who are already finding you on your website, social media pages, ads and so on. But they don’t know who they should enquire with because everyone sounds the same.

As a business, if you can position your way of solving a problem as being truly unique, then it would become crystal clear for someone why they should work with you.

What Should Your Video Contain?

Now you have a qualified prospect on your landing page. They’ve just watched your Empowerment video.

The next step is to invite them into your sales process. Most businesses try to do this by making air tight logical statements. Or by using a lot of superlatives to make them selves stand out (ex: best in industry, market leading, highest rating, most reviewed, etc).

But people instantly tune out of this because they’ve heard everyone else make those claims. Also, there’s no emotional connection built. The next video we call the 5D Story video combines both emotion and logic. 

And takes your brand from being another supplier to being the one your ideal client simply HAS to work with.

It has 5 key elements that drive this conversion:

  1. Hook: Identify the viewer by engaging them within the first few seconds.
  2. Story: Share your unique story as a business. This creates an emotional connection and builds trust and shows WHY you do things in a certain way.
  3. Process: Show your unique process. This makes your marketing message believable.
  4. Unique positioning: A conclusion to your process. This positions you in a marketplace of one. Rendering the competition obsolete.
  5. Call to action: Identifies and qualifies the viewer before inviting them into your sales process.

Ideal length: 2 to 3 minutes

Implementation: This video is meant to be implemented absolutely in all places where people are already finding you. So on sales pages, website front pages, proposals, trade shows, keynote presentations, company pages on social media, email signatures and so on. It is also great for referrals. Put your business card on steroids by adding a direct link to your 5D story video to it.

You should literally never get into any meeting, especially sales meetings, until people see your 5D story video.

But What if “I Don’t Have a Story” or “My Business Is Boring”

We hear this often from business owners. “My business is boring. No one will be interested”. Or “I don’t have an interesting story to tell”.

But here’s the thing. Even though it’s your business story video, it really is about your ideal customer’s story. Where they are now is where you once were. All you have to do is map out that journey in between. By digging into the details of what makes your business special.

Here’s one of our clients explaining it better.

Benefits of this approach

  • Become “uncopyable”:  Your story is already unique to your business. Untangle it so no one can ever copy your message.
  • Better website conversions:  This will make all your downstream marketing and sales activities much more efficient.
  • Better positioning in sales calls: People will be fully indoctrinated into your processes before they even get on a call.
  • Eliminate time wasted in explaining what you do: This video will do it for you.

Watch our 5D Story Video below (It was called Brand Story Video when we first made it years ago). It’s still integral to our sales process.

Video 3: Video Chronicles

Why Businesses Need It?

  • Previous bad experiences make people paint all businesses in your industry with the same brush. Stopping them from asking for help.
  • Outdated ideas will give them limiting beliefs about what’s possible as a solution.

For audience type: Hot

These are people who know the exact solution they need, but their past experiences, fears and limiting beliefs are holding them back from taking action.

Here all you need to do is help them overcome these fears and doubts so they stop becoming their own worst enemy.

What Should Your Video Contain?

After watching your other two videos, it’s time to remove any remaining friction in your sales process with video chronicles. Here’s how to do it:

Capture the story of a client that resembles your ideal customer. Have them talk about what life was like before, during and after working with you.

Identify the most common objections you get in your sales calls. Then ask your happy customer to answer those objections for you. Keep it honest and authentic.

Once you have this, then shoot actual footage that visualizes the journey of your client.

Ideal length: 2 to 3 minutes

Implementation: Display it near a decision making step on your website. For example, near your contact form or near a button to book a meeting.

Benefits of this approach

  • Infuse confidence:  By showing initiative to handle their fears and doubts, prospects will feel more confident in your services.
  • Reduce sales objections: By handing typical sales objections up front, you’ll have less friction in your sales calls. Driving up conversions.
  • Build further trust: Your happy clients already trust you. This video makes it transferable. 
  • Show proof: Your service will no longer be intangible. People will be able to see and experience working with you through your clients’ stories.

Watch two different types of Video Chronicles we made. One for our clients at Extent. The other one for our own business.

That’s it. 3 workhorse videos that will sell your service like a living, breathing salesperson would. Except that they

  • will never stop
  • will not be limited by locations and
  • won’t have a bad day

How to Scale Further

Phase 1: Repurpose Existing Content for Conversion

If you’ve already been making content, then all your blogs, webinars, case studies, social media posts, youtube channels and even presentations can be used to drive traffic to the ACT Trilogy. All you have to do is introduce a new knowledge gap in each piece of content. This gap should only be filled by your Empowerment Video. This will drive even more conversions.

Phase 2: The Afterburner Strategy - New Ad Hooks

Based on continuous market studies, you’ll be able to identify new hooks that will tap into new audiences you never even knew existed.

All while still using the ACT Trilogy to drive conversions.

How This Strategy Will Give You a Competitive Edge

  • Cost efficient – Start with only 3 hyper targeted videos upfront. Allowing you to start small and grow while in full control of your marketing budget.
  • Measurable ROI: 3 videos and a funnel. You’ll know exactly how much it’s costing you to make a sale.
  • Fully scalable: Easily build new hooks that attract new types of audiences to your 3 videos.
  • Become completely platform independent: Eliminate reliance on ad platforms completely. Moe across platforms with ease.
  • Profitable branding: Unlike most branding exercises, yours will be profitable from the start. No more vague expectation setting.

But Why Just 3 Videos?

In simple terms, the way people are making buying decisions has changed. Prospects are facing information overload.

While it’s good publish regular content that keeps you in front of your audience’s mind, it’s not enough to drive a sale forward on its own.

Clear differentiation needs to be created. And trust needs to be built. That’s where you need something more strategic. The ACT Trilogy was created with this very purpose in mind. To solve this problem for our own business. Before doing it for others.

In the case study videos below, I’ll show you three client examples of how video when used strategically, is a gamechanger.

Once you have a solid foundation of high converting videos, then any video you make after that will instantly convert better. Simply because they’ll be going through your ACT Trilogy experience.

Now It’s Your Turn

Follow these steps. Make your videos and them implement. We like action takers. That’s why we’re giving away this information for free.

But if you’re a fast action taker who values time saved by experts, then we can do it all for you. This is what we’re passionate about and get excited to do every single day.

How to Hire the Right Video Team

There are probably a million options to choose from when it comes to hiring a video team. But not all of them will give you the same results.

While the video industry teaches how to make beautiful looking videos, they don’t teach business, marketing and sales psychology. That’s why so many businesses end up wasting a lot of money on making videos that don’t work.

Here’s one of our clients explaining why they chose to work with us.

How We Can Help

If you want us to execute this for you, here’s what we’ll do to ensure predictable results:

1. We’ll do a deep dive with you to understand your business, customers and sales process.

2. We’ll do an intensive market research to remove all guesswork from what your videos would need to be about. This is based on what your customers are already trying to solve in the real world. Not based on what we think they need.

3. We’ll write a nerve striking script for your Empowerment Video. We’ll also identify the key stories in your business, you audience already wants to hear.

4. We’ll plan, film and edit all your videos. We’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the end results.

5. Finally, we’ll give you a step by step implementation plan for all the videos. You can easily do this yourself or hand it over to your marketing team to execute. Or we can also fully implement the whole strategy for you.

What to Do Next

If you feel you qualify, click on the button provided to book a free consultation call. We’ll want to understand a few things about your business to make sure there’s going to be a good fit.

 If we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction. We have access to a large network of videographers we can tap into.

But if we know for sure we can help you, we’ll show you how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that benefit most from our videos are high ticket service providers who struggle to convey their value, build instant trust and authority, and stand out in their marketplace.

 Typical examples: Local services, business services, Coaches, Consultants, industry experts, Authors and Keynote speakers.

With every video, we will give you very straightforward implementation steps to start seeing results in your existing sales process. Without making huge backend changes. We want to make your life simpler.

You’ll also learn new ways of amplifying its effects to take things to a whole new level. The extent to which you implement these will be entirely up to you.

Most business owners we meet think that their story is not interesting for their customers to care.

The truth is if you have a working product/service and at least one happy customer, then you already have a story.

Chances are, you have several. We help you identify the ones that need telling.

Most of our clients end up being surprised by how powerful their own story is after they’ve watched it.

While the majority of the video industry is advocating for shorter videos, what we’ve found is that longer videos convert way better. And they attract higher quality leads rather than price hunters.

The key factor is that the content needs to be relevant to your ideal customers. We do this by identifying their pains and desires on a granular level. Then position your solution as the obvious choice.

Short videos on the other hand are great for getting a lot of low quality leads who typically will have clicked on your ad by mistake and forgot all about it. Leading to poor sales performance.

When a video marketing campaign fails, it’s usually because the message, offer and strategy are not aligned with the brand values. This creates an inconsistency even though they might generate some sales. As a result, as soon as the business stops making videos, the flow of leads and sales stops with them.

We take a different approach by starting with your message, offer and your sales process. This makes our videos long-term assets for your business rather than just short-term attention grabbers.

Making a sale requires more than just grabbing attention. It requires educating your audience and building trust with them first.

No. We teach you how to use the video assets regardless of your audience size or following. These are the same methods we used in our own business, to grow from zero following.

The most important part is in being able to demonstrate value to your target audience and show them you care.

For this strategy, it’s recommended that you spend on ads because it is designed to convert your ideal prospects in to warm leads. So you want to put the videos in front of targeted audiences so they can enter your sales funnel.

We recommend starting with at least $2000 in monthly ad spend. Optimize it to make it profitable. Then scale it.

P.S. These videos will work organically too. Ads just speed everything up.

Even though we can do without, we highly recommend that you do. Because video helps you build a personal connection with your audience. Which you can’t do by any other means. We give you all the training you’ll need to make it an enjoyable experience.

But if you still don’t want to be in front of the camera, we can source voiceover actors to make 

Our videos are built around your sales process with your message and offer being central to everything. 

This means they do not depend on any trend or a social media platform being popular. They will work on all of them and even on ones that haven’t been created yet. 

People love you for the value you bring to their lives. Not for your performances. Almost all our clients were not initially comfortable in front of the camera. But after the training we give them, they’re often surprised by how well they came off.

Yes we can offer split payment options through our payment provider. Contact us for more details.

We have our own studio facility where we can record your interview. 

Alternatively, for clients wanting to be seen in an office setting, we’ve hired co-working office spaces for a few hours. This gave us all the footage we needed.

Hence not having an office space is never an issue.

Sure. Use this link to book a 15 minute meeting with us. This is not a sales call. We’ll be looking to find if we can help you first.

Just let us know what’s the best outcome you’re hoping to get from our meeting. This is so that we can both make the most of our time together.

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