Intouch Software Videos - Case Study

Our Client offer personalised MMS messaging with 100% deliverability. They also developed an industry first 2 touch tap to buy feature (patent pending), among other ground breaking features.

Intouch had also just launched their suite of apps on the Salesforce App Exchange.

But rather than mindlessly trying to get more traffic they wanted to get more conversions from their existing traffic.

Problems They Were Facing

Our Solution

We made a suite of videos that did most of the selling for them and made them stand out in a sea of noise.

What Our Team Did

Videos We Made

Here are some of the videos we made for them:

Video 1: Product Demo Video (Explainer)

Target length: 90 sec


  • Give prospects a 20k foot view of the business
  • Show how they’re unique
  • Create urgency by helping prospects visualise the problem that needs solving
  • Use as the main “hero” video to drive demo bookings

Video 2: Empowerment Video

Target length: 60 sec


  • Show different use cases of the product in different industries
  • Incentivise affiliates to sell the service
  • Have an asset that affiliate sellers can show their customers and use as a referral asset

Video 3: Superstar Feature Video

Target length: 90 sec


  • Dive deep into the one feature that makes our client really stand out (they have a patent pending for it)
  • Show prospects how easy the platform is to use and handle any other sales objections
  • Show integration into SalesForce’s app exchange
  • Give prospects a walkthrough of different steps, creating an experience.

Video 4, 5, 6: Feature Walkthrough Videos

Target length: 60 sec each


  • Most people find change intimidating. The goal was to give prospects a feel of using the platform.
  • Show different functionalities and steps that shows them how to get what they want.

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the results and is already looking to make a company brand story video as the next video project, among others.

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