Turn Strangers Into Customer With Sales Empowerment Videos

We’ll research, plan, script, film and edit up to 6 months worth of videos in a single day of filming. We’ll then post one video per week across different platforms, so people will find you before your competitors.

Enter conversations your prospects are already having about your service to guide them towards your solution. Use retargeting ads to drive conversions and revenue.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This Is Ideal for You If

This is for you if you’re experiencing one or all of the problems in your business.

Videos get more views, engagement and conversions, but making high quality videos frequently is time consuming and expensive.

There are limitless video topic ideas, but it’s hard to know which ones will give the fastest return on investment.

Keyword tools are great, but everyone uses the same tools. So everyone in the industry ends up making the same videos. And they blend into each other. Nothing stands out.

You run a business. The last thing you want t think about is forgetting your lines or sounding awkward in front of the camera. We've got your back.

There is too much online noise. Making it hard to capture someone’s attention, keep them engaged all the way through. This leads to low conversions.

Even the best videos won’t work if they are not put in front of the right  audiences regularly, promoted and optimized for conversions.

Here's What We'll Do

Identify the most in-demand topics - Remove all guesswork

We'll Research and identify the highest potential video topics to remove all the guesswork. We'll also identify content gaps in your industry that your competitors are not currently utilizing, giving your campaigns an instant advantage.

Guided scripting - No more worrying about what to say

We’ll structure and outline your videos so you won't have to worry about not knowing what to say in your videos. These messaging structures will capture your audience’s attention in seconds and hold it all the way through to your call to action.

Filming - Capture the unique essence of what you do

You'll have a dedicated videographer for an entire day to hold your hand through the entire process. They will make sure you're always presenting the best version of yourself in front of the camera. Regardless of your previous experience doing anything remotely similar. We use professional filming and recording equipment for everything from cameras, sound recorders, lights, soft boxes to props and backdrops.

Editing - Make your message stick in your audience's minds

This is where everything comes together. We'll store, cut, colour correct the footage, add lower thirds, logo animations, stock footage, title animations, fully licensed music, sound effects, do sound design and optimize all your videos for mobile viewing experience. Leaving you with a highly polished looking video that will represent your brand in the best possible light.

Distribution - Build a predictable pipeline of leads pre-sold on your service

We'll drip feed your posts across different social media platforms to drive views. These will be optimised for high click throughs, traffic and ultimately conversion into bookings and sales. We can even run paid retargeting campaigns to drive conversions and sales on a performance basis.

Why you should do it?

The rules of selling online have changed. Buyers want to to be fully educated about their buying decision before making one.

Here are some ways in which Video Scrum will give your business the best possible chance of educating them before they even find your competitors.

Build trust on auto-pilot
Have a consistent stream of high quality videos that educate your target audience and build relationships with them before they even find your competitors. Doing this will position you as a thought leader in your industry and make you the obvious choice to work with.
Work on your business. Not in it.
You run a business. While content creation is important, it should not take up all your time. Time blocking allows you to create a high volume of content in a single day of filming. Bulk production reduces the cost per video.

Example Videos

Want Our Help?

If you're ready to leverage the power of video to grow your business, then fill out our Discovery Form. If we know we can help you, we'll arrange a free 45 minute strategy session, where we'll show you how a bespoke video strategy built around your sales process will unlock its true potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a huge social media following to make this a success? 

No. The video assets are designed to work regardless of your audience size or following. These are the same methods we used in our own business, to grow from zero following.
The most important part is in being able to demonstrate value to your target audience and show them you care.

2. Which social media platforms are your videos most effective on?

Our videos are built around your sales process with your message and offer being central to everything.
This means they do not depend on any trend or a social media platform being popular.
Having said that, we find Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook to be relevant for pretty much any business. We'll post your videos on these platforms for maximum exposure.

3.Do we need to budget for ad spend too?

In a word, no. The strategy is designed to work as long as people are searching for answers about your service.

Having said that, it is highly effective to run retargeting ad campaigns to these videos (even on small daily budgets) to drive conversions and revenue. We can do this for you based on a mutual agreement basis.

Watch Our Client Case Studies

Watch our client case study videos to learn how you can add video to your sales process to give your sales an instant boost.

Videos that convert!


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