5 Questions Your Video Agency Partner Must Answer Before Hiring Them

Learn how to choose the right videography team for your business by asking them these right questions.

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Last updated by Cliff Coelho on September 21, 2023

Making business videos is no longer just about finding someone who can just film and edit. Cameras are getting better everyday and prices are at an all time low.

What this means is there is an over saturation of great looking videos on the internet. So this on its own will not help you stand out and drive sales.

Here are 5 questions your videographer should answer before you hire them for business video production This is so you can make videos that get real world results.

1. Do They Have a Strategy? Or Do They Rely on Tactics and Platforms?

Does your video team have an implementation strategy that makes sense for your business? Or do they simply talk about their camera gear? Here are some important factors you should know about your videographer long before making a single video.

Can they guide you on the following:

  • How many videos you should make?
  • Which videos to make first? Why make them?
  • What role will the videos play in your sales process?
  • Will they develop and structure your messaging to hook viewers and keep them engaged?
  • How will the videos help you generate new revenue?

Spray and pray tactics used to work back when there wasn’t much competition. However, this is no longer the case. In fact, making too many videos without powerful messaging will only make you blend even further with the noise. Thus attracting lower quality leads and tyre kickers. Whereas videos backed by strategy will attract fewer but far more qualified prospects, who are fully educated about your service and much more likely to become your customers.

Also make sure the videos they’re recommending are not reliant too heavily on any single platform or trend. Both of which can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Strategy backed videos on the other hand will last forever, because they’re based around your ideal customer, your sales process and human psychology.

For example, Facebook and Linkedin might be popular right now. Tomorrow it might be Tik Tok. Then it’s going to be instagram reels or Youtube shorts. The list could go on. It’s not sustainable for businesses to keep making new videos every time a new platform or trend becomes popular.

So work with a videographer who is able to build a long term strategy instead of a short term sugar rush.

2. What Are the Measurables (KPIs)?

What gets measured, gets improved. So ask your videographer what will you get from making the videos? Then you’ll know what you’re paying for.

If they say something like “these videos will help you get more views”, then it means they don’t understand the difference between awareness and buying intent. 

Don’t get sold on the idea that more views, likes, shares or even comments on your videos will get you more customers. These are all great. But on their own, they’re just vanity metrics and give no indication of how well your videos are actually performing.

Basic awareness and vanity metrics driven videos might get you in front of more people. But without the right message and strategy, they won’t drive revenue and sales.

It’s like trying to sell meat to a vegan. No matter how good looking your videos are or how many people you put them in front of, without the right messaging and strategy, no one will buy.

So make sure your videographer knows this vital difference before partnering with them.

3. Do They Have an Implementation Plan?

The next question to ask is about their implementation plan. How are the right people going to see your videos? Here’s a common mistake a lot of businesses make with implementation. They first make their videos and only then start to think about how to market it. But by then it’s too late. Because different videos need different implementation plans.

For example, if your goal is to tap into new audiences, then you could make case study videos for each of the audiences you’re targeting. Paid advertising is a great way of putting these videos in front of new targeted audiences. 

On the other hand, if you just want to get more conversions from the interest you’re already getting, then you won’t need paid ads. You’ll only need a video that sells your service when people find you. Like a brand story video. Then all you’d have to do is plug this video in places where your future customers are already finding you, such as your website, landing pages, social media company pages, email signatures and so on.

So make sure you partner with a video agency that’s able to guide you on this. 

4. How Will You Get a Return on Investment?

The fourth question to ask your videographer is about return on investment. In other words, how will the videos help you generate more revenue?

As a general rule, you should stand to make at least a 10X return on your investment from your videos. For example, if you spend $10k on your video project, then your videographer should be able to show how your investment will generate at least $100k in revenue or more.

If they can’t show you this, it means they’re relying purely on luck to get results. Not strategy. So choose a videographer who can help you make an educated buying decision instead of one who’s just trying to sell cookie cutter products.

5. Do They Practice What They Preach?

The fifth and final question is, do they implement videos in their own marketing and sales process? You wouldn’t trust a chef who doesn’t eat their own food. It should be no different when hiring a videographer and here’s why.

Most high value services are complex. People don’t spend $10k on a consulting service just because they saw a flashy video. It needs to educate  your audience, change their perspective about your service and build trust with them first. This is what drives conversions and real world results.

If your videographer doesn’t know how to market their own services with video, then they can’t do it for you. What you’ll find is, most video company websites only show examples of their past client work.

This might show you what the videos will look like. But it doesn’t tell you anything about the strategy behind it. As in, how are these videos going to convert into revenue and sales.

So make sure you hire a video marketing team who uses video to market and sell themselves first. You can find this out even before getting in touch with them.

To Wrap This Up

So in a nutshell, if you’re thinking of starting a video campaign, then well done. You’re going to be ahead of most of your competitors.But choosing the right video marketing partner will define how far ahead you go and how fast you get there.

The good news is there are good video companies out there. Just make sure to ask the right questions. Then choose one that aligns with your business goals.

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