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Learn how to multiply your best performing salesperson with video. Watch the case study video below.

What You'll Learn

Jeff Bennett, the founder of talks about how he’ll be using video to replicate his own conversations so that he can build relationships at scale with his target audience. is a Brisbane-based software company that helps individuals and business owners draft their own legal documents at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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What were the key challenges?

In an overcrowded market, gaining cut through of any kind would be a challenge. But added to this was the fact that we were dealing with law. So the message had to be very clear that even though is not a law firm, it would be able to help people save on legal costs.

Jeff admittedly was able to easily convince people about using his service in person. And I’m not surprised. It offered massive value to the customer. But he needed to find a way of doing it at scale so that he didn’t have to be physically present in order to sell an online only product.

Our Solution: What We Did

We needed to essentially achieve two things with this project. Attract an interested audience to the website and then demonstrate value and trust with them.

And only then guide visitors to make a buying decision.

As were newly launching, they didn’t have an online audience. We needed to build one. This could have been done organically, but the quickest way to do it was by paid promotion. Jeff was comfortable doing this by himself.

The challenge was that with paid ads, Jeff would typically be competing with various other promoters on social media for the viewer’s attention.

So the videos needed to hook the audience, relate to their problem, change their perspective and then guide them to, which is where the buying decision is made. And this had to be done in a short space of time. We did it with a one-minute video. After watching this, people would be guided to the main website, where they would have the option to buy a subscription.

But no one buys just because you were able to draw their attention. Value needs to be demonstrated and trust needs to be built first.

This is exactly what our brand story video is designed to do. So we made this video and made it one of the first things that any new visitor would see when they visit the website.

That way, they would not have to go looking around the whole website where everything is. The video was able to condense everything in a way that the viewer understood their own problem with high legal fees and the need for it, built trust with Jeff through his personal story, showed what they’d be getting from buying the subscription, showed how was unique compared to other similar offers and then guided them to buy.

All of this was captured within a 3-minute video, which is now central to all of’s sales process. All our clients get clear instructions on how to do this.

Why us

Why Chose to Work With Us

This is what Jeff (Founder of had to say about why he chose to work with us:

“I was quite anxious about joining up in a relationship with anybody, because this is so important to me, the delivery of this video content. After that initial discussion, you followed through and had credibility yourself, because you knew exactly what you were talking about. I’d gone onto your website and I’d seen some of the work that you have done before. I could see and get the feeling of that notion of trust that you deliver through your example videos. Importantly, you followed that up with a conversation and being able to be able to tell me very specifically what it is that you saw as being important in terms of the delivery of the final product. And probably included in that as the fact that you asked a lot of questions and you took a lot of notes. And the things that I was saying to you about the business were important to you. That made me feel that I felt valued by you as a client”.

The Results:

This is what Jeff had to say about the videos and the strategy:

“I’ve never done something like this before. I felt that it was a totally different experience. And I felt like I wasn’t getting out my words the way that I should. But I was really comfortable with the fact that you kept reassuring me and saying that you felt that the process was going really well.

And that gave me, I think the reassurance that I probably needed in order to deliver what I ultimately did. And having just watched the video. I think that I’m not surprised but delighted with the end result. It was really, really good to see the final result. I’m excited now.

Key Takeaways

What Can We Learn

The key takeaway here is that even though video is a powerful marketing tool, it’s much more powerful when it is made with a clear intent of what it needs to achieve. In Jeff’s case, because we had identified beforehand, what was already working for him, we were able to hone in on what the messaging needed to have and then come up with a distribution strategy that would automate the buying process.

So if you’re considering starting a video project, then spend more time on this part of the discovery. Ask yourself these key questions “what are my business goals”, “What is stopping me from getting there”, “How much will I need to spend in time and money to bridge that gap”. Based on that, you can work your way back to the type of videos that need making.

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