Event Story Reels

Turn your live events into highly engaging story reels that your audience will want to share.

Who is this ideal for?

This is ideal for you if you sell through live events or you might be selling the event itself to generate revenue.

You might be experiencing one or all of the challenges below:

Events are a great way of promoting your product or service, but it’s limited only to the people attending.

Let's be honest. Even if you did make a video, it will only be a few people who will want to watch the entire recording. And these are not very shareable.

Short bumper videos might be more engaging, but they don't add value as most of them are soundbites stitched together.

Live events are full of high energy moments that are very shareable and can be easily re-purposed for future use.

Here's What We'll Do

We’ll capture your live event in its entirety and create story driven story reels that are very shareable among your target audience.

Archival video

We'll make 1 full length archival video for future marketing use. We'll guide you on how to keep re-using this footage in multiple ways.

Event Story Reels

We'll identify the most engaging snippets from your event and turn them into short videos (each less than 60 seconds long). We'll schedule them for daily posting on Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin for daily exposure.

Pre-event promos

Give people a preview of what to expect at your upcoming event. Build excitement long before your event has even started.

Headlines and copy

Want to run paid ads to promote your event. Give your creatives the best chance of converting with attention grabbing headlines and copy that get people to pull out their wallets.

Logo stings

Help people remember your brand with a custom brand specific logo animation. Use this in all your future videos.

Fast delivery

Want to share your event story reels with your audience while the excitement is still in the air. Ask us about our speedy delivery upgrades.

Full day or half day packages

Regardless of which package you choose, you'll have two videographers for either the whole day or just half the day.

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