12 Ways To Make Your Brand Story Video Do The Selling For You

Today I’ll show you 12 ways of making your brand story video do the selling for you on all platforms.

If you don’t have a brand story video, then learn how to make this video by clicking here.

The goal here is to get quick results. So don’t try to do all of them. Instead identify the channels that are already working for you. Then integrate your company video into them. 

1. Website/landing pages/sales pages

Most new page visitors will decide within the first few seconds if they’re going to spend more time on your website.

Don’t make them click multiple buttons to find all the right information. Have your video do it for them.

close to a decision-making action (ex: appointment booking, email opt-in, sale, etc) button for maximum results.

Below is an example of how one of our clients is using it.

1.Thank you page – Pre-frame your sales conversations

After someone books an appointment with you, instead of sending a plain text email confirmation, send them your brand story video instead.

Apart from building further trust, it will show them why you care about what you do and about serving them.

You also won’t have to repeat yourself in sales conversations because the video will have done most of the selling for you.

2. Ninja email sales signature

Embed it into the email signatures of all the members of your team. Especially your sales team if you have one.This will turn them into ninja ambassadors for your brand in all their communications.

If you have a mailing list, then again, do the same. Video on its own is known to increase email click-through rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%. By inviting people to watch your story (not a sales pitch), you increase the chances of them clicking even more.

Below is an example of our own email signature that has single-handedly generated us leads from non-sales conversations.

3. Social media platforms: Business pages

Pin the video to the top on all your social media company pages and groups you might be an admin on. This includes Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, IGTV Twitter etc. 

Now people new to your channel/page/group will fully understand what you stand for and what makes your business unique as soon as they land there.


4. Story Retargeting
Promoting a new offer through paid ads? Ad platforms like Facebook allow you to retarget people who showed an interest, but didn’t take action.

This includes people who clicked on your ad, watched a video, visited your website and so on.

Retargeting them with your brand story video will push them much closer to pulling the trigger and taking action.

5. Proposal documents

If your business relies on making proposals on projects, then accompanying this video with your proposals will give you an immediate upper hand against your competitors.

Below is an example of how one of our clients is using this video to get an upper hand in their bids for projects through proposals.

6. Optimise referrals/JV/partnership opportunities

Make it easier for your happy clients or your referral or joint venture partners to sell your services better. Use your video to streamline and automate the whole process.

Now you’ll no longer have to worry about them making the perfect pitch for you.

Below is an example of how one of our referral partners is promoting our services by simply embedding our video into their marketing material.


7. Cold B2B outreach

Most people think that cold email is dead. But businesses still run wildly profitable campaigns using this method. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Unlike paid ads, the initial spend is practically zero.
  2. It is one of the few ways of prospecting in a measurable and predictable manner. If you know your response rate and your conversion rate, then you will be able to accurately forecast how much revenue you will be generating from the campaign.

But most cold email campaigns get very poor response rates. The average is about 1%. Companies still consider it to be acceptable when done in large numbers (ex: e-commerce companies).

However, by letting video do most of our talking in our cold email campaigns, we’re able to consistently get response rates in the region of 15%. That’s 15X the industry standard.

Below are the stats from one of our recent campaigns targeting only local businesses. Note: We didn’t track click rates in this campaign.

Getting high response rates from qualified prospects means that we don’t need a huge audience for us to start seeing results and opening conversations. Below are some of the replies we got from one of our recent outreach campaigns.

The reason we’ve been able to get these results is that our emails are short and to the point and we don’t pitch anything. The video does most of the heavy lifting.

This shows recipients that we respect their time, making them much more likely to respond.

You can use online tools like Contactout to start building a targeted list of businesses you can help.

IMPORTANT: This is not giving you permission to mindlessly mass email your prospects. The key to a successful cold email campaign is in making your emails valuable to the recipient. So research your audience and their struggles before sending out a single email. 

8. Linkedin (Inbound and outbound)

Linkedin has 65 million users in decision making positions. This makes it one of the most powerful platforms for B2B lead generation. However, like any social media platform, it’s super competitive and can be a huge drain on time.

With the 5D story video however, you can stack the odds hugely in your favour. I personally spend less than 40 minutes per day on Linkedin to generate leads and sales conversations.

Two primary ways of doing this. Inbound and outbound. Both could work on their own. Or for maximum effect, you could use a combination of both.

  1. Inbound
    Build a profile that resonates with the needs of your ideal customer and speaks to them directly. The 5D story was designed for that.

    So use every element of your profile to send people to watch your video. That includes the header banner and your title. And have your video visible in Linkedin’s “Featured” section.


Now every time someone connects with you or if you reach out to them, by watching your video, they’ll quickly know if you’re a connection worth having.

This is how I’ve managed to get connection acceptance rates in the region of 45% without much effort, while the average connection acceptance rate on Linkedin is in the region of 5%. Keep in mind, this is with people who have never heard of me before.

Below are examples of responses I get from people who have just connected with me, either through me reaching out or the other way round:

Now every time someone connects with you or if you reach out to them, by watching your video, they’ll quickly know if you’re a connection worth having.

Keep in mind, this is not through posting content. People have simply gone through my profile and have wanted to know more about my services from looking at it.

2. Outbound
Find your ideal prospects in your connections list. Identify a very specific problem you can help them solve. Show them how to do it without needing you. This part is important. Then ask for their permission to share your video which shows how your business can help them solve it.

If they say yes, only then send them the video. Not only will you get more responses, but people will actually thank you for reaching out. Because you will be approaching with value and you’ll be doing it in an authentic way.

Here are just some of the responses I received by following this simple process.

When done right, we find this to be one of the most predictable ways of generating leads, sales and revenue. Because it gives you full control of your sales pipeline. And it’s practically free to execute.

8. Youtube search algorithms

Make your video search-friendly so people looking for your services find it organically. Add a link in your description that will send people to your website/landing page.

9. Presentations and keynotes

If you do a lot of presentations or even if you’re a keynote speaker, then there’s nothing more powerful than starting with your own story that shows how you reached the solution you are about to present to them.

10. Trade shows

If you do trade shows, then you can have this video playing at your stand on a TV screen. Use captions to pique people’s interest even further. The moving images capture people’s attention, and then the story will draw them in. People are just more receptive to stories.

11. Paid promo

Run a direct response paid ads campaign on platforms like Youtube and Facebook to get people into your sales funnel. You could ask them to buy or book a meeting or even subscribe to your mailing list.

People love watching and consuming stories. So your ad will not fatigue easily. Besides, it will also gain mindshare with people who are not ready to buy yet. Putting your brand at the front of the queue when they are ready.

Below is an example of how we used this same video with title banners and captions added, to book strategy sessions.


12. Recruitment drives
Most job posts are very dry and technical and often don’t inspire the best candidates to apply. Or ones that are going to be a cultural fit for your company.

Use your brand story video to infuse life into your job posts, so future applicants get to know what you stand for, your big vision for your company and so on.

Below is an example of how BAE Systems are using their company brand story video to stand out.

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