Environ Air Conditioning - Case Study

Watch Environ Air Conditioning’s Company Video Below

What Were the Challenges?

Environ Air Conditioning are a Northgate (Brisbane) based air conditioning  specialist company. They provide residential and commercial installation, repair and maintenance services. Below were the main problems they were looking to address when they approached us.

Un-optimized Referrals

Successful conclusion of a business transaction.

They were getting most of their customers through word of mouth.

But they didn't have an asset that happy clients could use to sell their services better.
This led to lost opportunities.

Trust Before Sale

Sales price quality ratio control marketing concept. Maximum sal

When you let someone into your home, trust is a big factor.

Before making the video, Environ Air had to do this just from a sales call, which can be hard.
They wanted to create another touch point before the sales call.

Website Presentation

Two asian businesswomen discussing with the partner business about business contract

Despite their positive reviews and quality of their service, their website lacked a human face that represented the company.

Environ Air were looking for a way to humanise the experience for their website visitors.

Our Solution: What We Did

We made a single 3-minute video that captured the essence of what made Environ Air Conditioning unique.

This is so their clients can use it as a referral asset whenever happy customers want to refer someone else. Now Environ Air no longer needs to rely on their customers to do the selling. The video does it for them.

We also gave Environ a 10 step implementation plan that showed them exactly how to put their video to use without adding any new systems.

This meant they can now optimise the website traffic and interest they’re already generating from their existing marketing. Not adding new systems means they can start driving results instantly across multiple platforms without having to worry about algorithm changes or market trends.

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