Assquire/Haigslea Residential - Video Case Study

Drive more sales by simplifying a complex message - watch the case study video below.

What You'll Learn

Here we show how Keith Burchill, who’s the owner of Haigslea Residential and Assquire overcame his challenge of needing to simplify a complex value proposition.

Assquire provides an alternative to mortgages from which investors can achieve higher yields while making home ownership more affordable and accessible for low to middle income earners.

Some key learnings you’ll be able to take away from this case study are:


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No matter how good your service is, people need to understand how it will benefit them in the future. Having an overly complex message stops potential clients from making buying decisions.


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When you have more than one target audience on either side of the same transaction, things can get tricky.
How do you make your message compelling enough so that both sides see the value you bring to the table?


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Buying decisions are made based on emotion. Logic is used to justify those decisions. So businesses need to connect emotionally with their audience before even offering their solution.

What were the biggest challenges?

Before we even take on any video project, we first spend a lot of time understanding our prospect’s business model, their sales process, and their business objectives. Based on that, we know if we can deliver results.

So when Keith Burchill approached us for a video project, he had already watched our brand story video and had connected with the fact that video allows your audience to experience working with you before they’ve even met you.

Assquire had developed a groundbreaking property investment model that not only benefited investors with higher yields but also made property ownership more accessible and affordable for young people. So the impact was potentially huge.

But the problem was due to this very nature of being so new, whenever Keith spoke with potential investors or buyers about Assquire, he found it difficult to explain the concept and show them how they could benefit from it.

It wasn’t just a challenge to describe in person, but even his other videos on different platforms were not able to simplify the subject. Same with the website. The information was all there in different places, but visitors would need to go and find it and then piece all that information together. Underlying all of this was the fact that property investment is a hotbed of innovation right now. So it made Keith’s message difficult to stand out.

Our diagnosis:

These were the main problems:

  • Assquire had two main target audiences. Investors and property buyers. Their existing content went into detail about how the business model would favour one or the other. But there wasn’t a 30000 ft view of the business, which made it difficult for people to understand why the business exists in the first place and how is it different from every other property investment model out there.
  • The ones that did understand were not certain if something this bold could work. So there was a question of credibility, practicality and legitimacy.

Our Solution: What We Did

After we decided to work together, we had lengthy deep-dive sessions with Keith, from which we decided to make only a single Brand Story Video that needed to achieve three things.

  • Simplify Asssquire’s value proposition so that both investors and buyers could clearly understand their offer and know how they can benefit from it.
  • Show how Assuire was unique and how their customers benefit from it.
  • Create an emotional connection with the viewer through storytelling, making the brand memorable.

We did this by describing Assquire’s value proposition through Keith’s own unique and personal story. The events that led to the inception of this new idea, showed how his unique positioning enabled him to bring that idea to life, established his credibility through his qualifications and professional associations, showed the impact of the business model on the wider community. For people seeking tangible information, we presented them with facts and figures. That way we had all personality types covered.

And finally, for social proof and to give the offer legitimacy, we even squeezed in a testimonial from a happy investor and showed how they benefited from it.

We wanted to make sure that this video would only attract high-quality leads. So we also included qualifying criteria just before guiding the viewer to fill out Assquire’s discovery form for further qualification.

And here’s the best part. We compressed all of this information into a single video that was less than four minutes long. This video was then integrated into Assquire’s sales process and is now central to all their communications.

All our clients get clear instructions on how to do this.

The Results

With potential investors, Keith can now send them this video before they got into a meeting with him. So they would get a good understanding of Assquire’s business model and see themselves benefiting from it before they even got on a call with him.

With potential buyers, people who are already visiting Assquire’s website have a much higher probability of making an inquiry because they will no longer have to go searching for information on different pages of the website.

This will reduce their client acquisition costs over time.

Here’s what Keith had to say about the video: I love it. I love it. You’ve done a superb job. You’ve just got the essence of it perfectly and the power of the business model for families and communities. I owe you so much.

It’s (the business) has been a big part of my life now. Everyone that meets me goes “you’re so passionate about this. But you talk way too much”.

One of the powers of video and what you’ve done here for me, is you’ve been able to slow it down into a way people can capture not only the essence of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, but also the purpose and intent behind it. And I think you caught it incredibly well”.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway here is that in order for your audience to value your product or  service, they first need to have a crystal clear understanding of how you can help them solve their problem.

And there’s nothing more powerful than a combination of video and storytelling that can achieve this. Because not only does it engage the viewer on a logical level, but it also engages them emotionally.

They will have a higher perceived value of your service as a result.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the intent of the video project before deciding what type of videos your business actually needs.

And then you’ll know, based on your business goals and your sales process, the number and the type of videos that will bridge that gap between the actual value that you provide and the perceived value that your audience has about your business. 

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