Brisbane Boxing - Video Case Study

Find how Brisbane Boxing is using video to stand out in a crowded market

What You'll Learn

Khuram from Brisbane Boxing shows how they are using our video to stand out in a crowded fitness market.

Brisbane Boxing is a boxing and fitness gym that specialises in personal training, cardio box and general fitness.

Some key learnings you’ll be able to take away from this case study:

Identify your unique edge

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Find your unique edge in a crowded market that will be impossible for your competitors to copy.

Sell without appearing salesy

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We live in an age where everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold to. Learn how to find that elusive sought after balance.

Make your message memorable

The psychology of the mind concept

There's no point putting out content if people don't remember it. Here we show how you can do it consistently.

Biggest Challenges / Problems


With various types of fitness centres (gyms, pilates, boxing, yoga, etc) all offering the same end result (physical and mental conditioning) and vying for the same customers (people interested in fitness, self improvement or taking up new hobbies), simply selling the end result was not going to connect with their target audience.

Doubts and fears

The perception about boxing being a rough sport meant that it put some people off from even trying.
This was an opportunity to dispel those myths and position Brisbane Boxing as a place that can cater everyone, regardless of gender or skill level.

People are fed up of being sold to

We live in an age where everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold to. The average person is exposed to 10000 messages per day. No wonder it is becoming harder and harder to cut through. We needed this video to be authentic, while at the same time inviting the viewer to join. A fine balance of branding and direct response marketing had to be met.

Our Solution

We made a single Brand Story Video that captured the essence of Brisbane Boxing by highlighting its sense of community and contribution. Something that would be difficult for their competitors to replicate.

The delivery style was kept authentic. We did an hour long interview with Khuram, where it was just us asking him questions about the business, its history, its impact and other elements that we knew from our research were important to the story. This meant that even though we were asking for a “sale”, it wouldn’t feel like it to the viewer. The asking part would only feel like the logical conclusion to the rest of the message and story being told.

With timely overlays and other visual enhancements, we were able to cut a 1 hour interview into a short two and half minutes video that engages the viewer from beginning to the end.

We particularly focused on changing perspectives about how boxing is not about rowdy men wanting to punch each other, but showed how it requires intellect and how anyone could benefit from it. This was important because when you’re able to change someone’s perspective about a previously held belief, they are much more likely to remember your message. In marketing terms, we call it stickability.

To show unique positioning and differentiation, we wanted to show the viewers how Brisbane Boxing was different. While they had several unique features, we wanted to message to convey their uniqueness in a way that was distinct and unimitable. 

From our deep dive meetings, we learned that the members at Brisbane Boxing shared a strong camaraderie and a sense of community and well being. So rather than focussing on features that anyone else could replicate, we decided to focus on this aspect instead. This aspect when tied up with the story makes their brand message practically impossible for their competitors to copy.

And finally, once the trust was built, the differentiation was made crystal clear and doubts cleared, we gave the viewer a very clear call to action that was not salesy, but one that was a mere conclusion of the story they just witnessed.

Here’s what the final video looked like….

The Implementation

Brisbane Boxing were already able to generate traffic to their website from organic and paid promotions. Whether that was through facebook/instagram, google ads or word of mouth.

But without having a clear message up front about what they did and how they could help their customers, these opportunities were not optimised.

Secondly, when people landed on their website, there were too many pathways for the new visitor to choose from. 

And finally, the risk of trying something new and unknown is one of the biggest things that stops people from buying. Or even making an enquiry.

With all these aspects in mind, we guided them to place the video in a prominent location on their website. Thereby solving these problems once and for all.

The key was in having it on a page that involved decision making by new visitors. This would help them convert more of the traffic they were already generating. It would also make all their future marketing campaigns and client acquisition, in general, more cost-effective.

Depending on the level of conviction of the new visitor, they would be provided with a free trial option or can go straight to the sales page and buy a package. OR sign up for a trial if they were on the fence, but felt comfortable giving it a try.

The results

In the words of the owner, Khuram, the video went above and beyond what they were hoping to achieve from the video.

Below are some of the ways how they are using our video.

  • It gave them a video asset that turns cold visitors into hot leads on their website

  • Enabled them to do this on-demand by strategically plugging it into their sales process

  • It will make all their future marketing campaigns more effective as all the new incoming web traffic will have a strong message to connect with.

Virality is never the goal, even though the video did get 10k+ views, 37 shares organically (without paid ads). Oh well, I guess we’ll take that too.

Key Takeaways

What Can We Learn

Video is one of the most powerful tools when used strategically to help your business stand out. Not only is it able to convey a lot of value in a short space of time, but it does this while humanising your brand.

The key to success is in first identifying and deeply understanding why people love working with you. Use that information to define your unique positioning in your niche. But avoid making the common mistake of stating generic sounding unique selling points. People have become numb to these type of messages. To give you a clue, your uniqueness should have a direct benefit to your target audience.

We have a very structured way of extracting this information from our clients. But if you are unsure what yours is, then an easy way of finding this is by asking your customers who have already worked with you. Ask them why they chose to work with you instead of everyone else in your industry. Then make it central to your messaging in your video. And everywhere else, to keep everything consistent.

This itself will give you a huge advantage over your competitors who will be still trying to sell on features, while you’ll be selling futures instead.

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