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What To Expect

Strategy Call

Based on the information you give us, if we know we can help you, we’ll look to arrange a free meeting with you.

This will be different from other strategy sessions you may have attended in the past for the following reasons:

You won’t be talking to a salesperson, but with someone who lives and breathes video strategies day in and day out. Our only goal is to diagnose your biggest roadblocks to sale and prescribe videos that will solve it once and for all.

If you want us to execute/implement the strategy, then we’ll show you what that would be like too. It won’t be cheap. But we don’t take on clients unless we can project at least a 10X return for them on their investment with us.

We have the capacity to take on only four clients every month. Hence we can only do a limited number of free strategy calls too.

If we feel we’re not going to be a good fit, then we’ll point you in the direction best suited to your current situation.

Who this is not for:

If your business is brand new, then we’re not going to be a good fit. We need more data to work off than brand new businesses can provide.

Also, we cannot help MLM or affiliate marketers.

Other notes:

If you cannot show up for our booked call, then please let us know in advance.

Even though this is currently a free session, we put a lot into it so that you can leave the meeting seeing more opportunity in video than from any other sales or marketing strategy you’ve ever been presented with.

I look forward to meeting you.

Cliff Coelho

Founder Of