10 Videos Every B2B Tech Company Needs

Buying habits have changed. Markets have become more sophisticated. Prospects now want to know everything about your software solution before they even think about booking a demo.
Use these videos to drive traffic and conversions into demo bookings and sales.

Video Type: Brand Story Video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: It’s a video that tells the story of your business and builds an emotional connection with your brand.

Why make it?: People still buy from people. This video gives viewers a 30k foot view of the business and helps them build trust with the people behind the brand.

Who you are, what you do, how you’re different, who are your customers, what they should do next?

Typical duration: 2 to 3 mins

How to use it: Home page, email signatures, social media company pages, online community pages, “About us” section and everywhere else people are already finding you.

Video Type: Customer/Partner Story Video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: A video that shows use cases of your software by different groups of people and industries.

Why make it: You might do the best job of explaining what problem your software solves. But people want to see how your solution will work for them. By showing typical use cases, you show prospects how they can use your solution in their own industry.

Typical duration: 30 to 90 sec

How to use it:

  1. Cold email campaign: Target prospects in a certain industry by sending them a use case video. That way, you won’t just be pitching. Instead you’ll be leading with value by showing a better way.
  2. Paid advertising: Put this video in front of a cold audience. Use platforms like Linkedin to target decision makers in specific industries. Then retarget people who watch this video with other videos such as your brand story video, testimonial or a feature highlight video.
  3. Send to prospects after they’ve booked a demo call. Then during the demo call, ask them if any of the use cases resonated. This will help guide the sales conversation. So you spend less time identifying the problem.

Video: Solution walkthrough video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: A video that shows why your product exists. In other words, What problem does your prospect have that your competitors cannot solve?

Why make it? – No matter what problem you solve, there is always someone else also offering to solve the same problem. You need to show why your solution is better.

Typical duration: 60 to 90 sec

How to use it:

  1. Place it close to an action step like a button to book a demo.
  2. Use it as part of your cold email outreach boost your reply and meeting booking rates.

Video Type: Product demo video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: Shows a quick walkthrough of a solution your prospect faces regularly.

Why make it: People fear change. A process walkthrough video helps your audience visualise the tasks they could potentially be doing on your platform, before even buying. But no one has the patience to watch a long walk through because they’re not yet invested into it. So it’s easier to just ignore.

Typical duration: 30 to 90 sec

How to use it:

  1. Search optimized on Youtube for when people are searching for “how to” videos about similar tasks.
  2. Add to your knowledge base so you can get better adoption of your platform. Having a lot of
  3. Add these videos to your client onboarding process to encourage sticky actions that get people to stay as customers.
  4. Send to prospects after a sales call. Show how your solution is going to solve their most urgent problem.

Video Type: Product Navigation Video (How to use)

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: A video that familiarizes your new users and shows them where everything is.

Why make it: A new customer is often the most confused customer. Remove all fears by showing them how to navigate through different buttons and where they can look for help and guidance.

Typical duration: 30 to 120 seconds

How to use it:

  1. Send this video in your first onboarding email to a new customer. This will familiarize them with your interface and encourage them to use your platform more often.

Video Type: Sticky Actions Video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: A video that shows how to execute important steps in your software.

Why make it: Getting someone to become a customer is only half the battle. The other part is to keep them on your platform. Show them how they can perform the most important actions that will keep them hooked to your platform.

Ideal duration: 15 to 90 seconds

How to use it:

  1. Create a Youtube playlist with all your getting started videos. Optimise them for search so people
  2. Send it as a follow up message after sending the product navigation video.
  3. Use as a retargeting video in paid ads for people who have already shown an interest in your products. This might just be the final push they need to become a customer.

Video Type: New feature launch

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: A video that shows new features you’re introducing to the platform.

Why make it: Technology is always changing. Fast. Show your audience you’re not just updating your product, but you’re giving them an unfair advantage by offering industry leading features. This will reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty.

Typical duration: 30 sec to 3 minutes

How to use it:

  1. Paid advertising: Put this video in front of new audiences who have shown an interest in other products similar to yours. Then retarget people who have watched your video with direct offers. Making your ad spend much more cost effective.
  2. Email your existing database: The fastest way of getting huge traction on a new feature is by selling it to people who already trust you. Give them something “brag worthy” to tell their friends about.

Video Type: Short Videos

Produced by: Motion Array

What is it: A highly engaging short video that teaches your audience something new.

Why make it:

  1. Social media platforms give short videos far more reach than longer videos. This allows you to get in front of large audiences at almost no cost.
  2. Gives you access to people who might have an interest in your solution, but are not necessarily ready to buy yet.
  3. These can create curiosity for someone to consume your longer form videos to drive conversions.

Typical duration: 30 to 60 sec

How to use it:

  1. Talk about in demand topics in your industry. Find the most insightful parts (new trends, events, bust myths, new statistics, etc) and turn them into short videos.
  2. Post these videos on platforms like Tik Tok, IG reels, Youtube shorts, etc.

Video Type: Podcast Video

Produced by: storydriven.video and others

What is it: An interview style video with an industry authority. Ideally they are already using your platform. Or you can interview someone within your team who has deep product knowledge.

Why make it:

  1. Gives you access to the interviewee’s audience without much effort.
  2. It allows you to go in depth into your platform to show the ins and outs. This builds familiarity.
  3. Shows a more human side of your brand and builds trust.

Ideal duration: 20 to 60 minutes

How to use it:

  1. Turn into an audio podcast and publish on multiple platforms at once
  2. Turn the whole interview into an audio with additional graphics and visualizations to increase engagement.
  3. Turn a 1 hour interview into 1 month worth of content. Take the most impactful parts of your video (eg: new industry insights, busting common myths, etc) and turn them into 30 to 60 second  video clips. Post the clips on multiple video platforms like Tik Tok, IG reels and Youtube shorts and get far more reach than your long videos would.

Video Type: Old way v/s new way video

Produced by: storydriven.video

What is it: Educational video that shows your audience how to solve the problem you solve. But manually. Then give them an option to automate everything by using your software. Offer a free trial to make it a no brainer to sign up to your demo.

Why make it: Most people won’t even know your software exists. But they are still looking to be educated about solving their problems the old and traditional way. By giving them this information first, you enter the conversations in their minds and literally guide them towards your solution, which is clearly a better alternative to doing things manually.

Typical duration: 3 to 5 minutes

How to use it: Paid ads and Youtube search optimized, website pages

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