Our Video Production Pricing and Packages

First watch the video below. Then find the best video production package for your business depending on where you are on your growth journey.

A look at the Cost of Video Production and the different factors that go into pricing.

Find our most up to date video packages and their pricing below.
Every video comes with an unlimited revisions guarantee to make sure you're 100% satisfied. We also offer split payments with every package through our payment partner.


$ 6500
  • Capture the unique essence of what makes you different through your authentic business story. Stop telling people what you do. Show it instead.
  • 1 X Brand Story Video
  • 10 point step-by-step video implementation guide
  • Max 5 hours filming duration @ 1 location
  • Video length: 2 to 3 minutes
  • Audience research
  • Sales process deep dive
  • Message and story identification
  • Storyboarding (pre-production)
  • Talking head + B-roll filming
  • Professional cameras and audio
  • Premium animations + fully licensed music + stock footage


$ 12350
  • Dominate your industry by making and publishing 3 months worth of videos in 1 day of filming. And only at a fraction of the cost. Become the go to authority in your industry.
  • 13 X Customer Empowerment Videos @~$950 per video
  • We'll publish your videos weekly on multiple platforms
  • Max 10 hours filming duration @ 1 location
  • Video length: Max 3 minutes per video
  • Sales process deep dive
  • Audience research: Know why your customers buy
  • Topic identification: Make the right videos
  • Scripting: Know what to say
  • Talking head filming (B-roll available as an extra) - Fully professional
  • Edit: Turn your message into high converting videos
  • Premium animations + fully licensed music + stock footage

With Every Package

Video pricing made simple. Pick a video package based on your requirements. Get the highest level of quality regardless. Here’s what you’ll get with all our packages.

Every video comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When we submit a video for your approval, you'll have up to 7 days to make change requests on a frame by frame level. Giving you ultimate control.

When you work with us, you won't just get a human tripod. Instead we'll be the brains and braun of your video marketing campaign. Strategy is baked into every package.

Every video will be made to your brand guidelines so that the videos seamlessly fit into your marketing ecosystem. This includes your logos, fonts, colours, shapes (if any) and so on.

Your first video will normally take 2 weeks to complete, from the date of filming. After that, we can release every other video in less than 48 hours of each other.

Making quality videos is a complex process. We'll support you with any questions or issues you might face along the way. You'll always have access to a real human. Not a bot.

We'll either give you a step by step implementation plan. Or if you don't have the time/resources, we can do it all for you for an additional fee.

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