How Much Does It Cost to Make a Business Video

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The 3 Biggest Video Cost Factors

There are a lot of moving parts in making a great video. There are camera operators, directors, producers, scriptwriters, copywriters, sound technicians, animation specialists and various other roles involved. Each with their own rates.

Here you’ll learn how much it costs to make a video, what are the factors that contribute to it and how to decide whom to hire and how much to invest in your next video project.

The three biggest factors that will contribute to the final cost are the number of videos you want to make, how many locations you want to film and finally what level of marketing support you need.

Now I’ll go into each of these factors in a bit more detail.

Factor 1: How Many Videos You Want to Make

The first factor that will contribute to your video project cost is quantity. How many videos do you want to make?

Below are some typical costs that directly contribute to the final project cost.

  • Filming – This includes the number of videographers, sound technicians, cameras, lights, audio recorders, location selection and set up, studio hire, b-roll capture
  • Editing – storage, backup, sequencing, transitions, colour correction, colour grading, music selection and addition, sound effects, sound mixing, stock footage (themed/specific/generic), captions, square and wide formats,
  • Extras – Do you need actors, make up artists or voice over artists?
  • Motion graphics- titles, lower thirds, logo animations, title animations, typography, 2d and 3D animations

Factor 2: How Many Locations Do You Need Filming

The next big factor that will determine the final cost of your video project is locations. Do you want to film in just one location? Or are there going to be multiple locations?

Here’s why it matters. With every new location that needs filming, the video team you hire will need to travel to the location, set up their equipment, and finally pack down after filming is finished. All of which takes time.

The further apart the locations are, the more time you lose in transit. And in special cases, if the travel is going to be interstate, there might also be flights, hotels and transportation costs.

All of these would need to be factored into the final costs.

That’s why, it’s advisable to not film more than two locations in a single day of filming. This also forces you to focus more on the content rather than on just the visuals. Ultimately, it’s mainly the content that will drive results.

Factor 3: How Much Marketing/Strategy Support Do You Need

The third and final contributing factor to your video project cost is the amount of marketing support you’ll need. This is probably the most important one because ultimately, a video made without a marketing plan is just going to be a waste of time and money, regardless of how good looking or highly produced it is.

So the main questions to ask are, do you have your own video marketing strategy already developed? Have you already chosen the video topics and themes?

If so, have you done the research and developed your own script and message? Or do you need your video team’s help?

And finally, how are you going to put your videos in front of targeted audiences? Do you have a distribution plan? If so, do you need help with the implementation? Is it going to be paid or organic or both?

All of this should be known long before filming. The strategy is what will guide what goes in the video. And not the other way around like a lot of businesses do.

Otherwise you end with videos and simply collect digital dust.

So keep that in mind. Making the video is only half the battle. Strategy and distribution are the other half. I would even say, the more important half.

Our Video Production Pricing and Packages

Find our most up to date video packages and their pricing below.

Every video comes with an unlimited revisions guarantee to make sure you're 100% satisfied. We also offer split payments with every package through our payment partner.


$ 6520
  • 6 videos $1087 per video
  • Unlimited revisions guarantee
  • Ideal if you're already getting interest and traffic to your website and other platforms. But you want to increase conversions into leads and appointments with powerful brand positioning in your industry.
  • 1 brand story video + 5 website conversion videos
  • Max 5 hours filming duration @ 1 location
  • Max per finished video length: 3 minutes
  • Audience research + key video topics identification
  • Sales process deep dive
  • Messaging concept development/scripting
  • Storyboarding (pre-production)
  • Talking head + B-roll filming
  • 2 cameras + professional audio
  • 1 camera operator
  • Premium animations (lower thirds + titles + logo sting) + fully licensed music + stock footage (where necessary) + captions + thumbnail design
  • 10 point step-by-step video implementation guide


$ 12950
  • 14 videos $925 per video
  • Split payment available: $4317 pm for 3 months
  • Unlimited revisions guarantee
  • This is for you if you want an allround package that attracts new qualified leads organically through education and builds strong brand positioning to turn those leads into appointments and sales. This package does both.
  • 1 brand story video + 13 audience education videos + full implementation
  • Max 8 hours filming @ 1 location
  • Maximum per finished video length: 3 minutes
  • Audience research + key video topics identification
  • Sales process deep dive
  • Messaging concept development/scripting
  • Storyboarding (pre-production)
  • Talking head + B-roll filming
  • 2 cameras + professional audio
  • 2 camera operators
  • Premium animations (lower thirds + titles + logo sting) + fully licensed music + stock footage (where necessary) + captions + thumbnail design
  • Fully done for you 10 point implementation + website integration + Distribution of 13 videos over 5 platforms for 3 months (1 video per week scheduled) + conversion optimisation
  • 12 month video content plan

With Every Package

Video pricing made simple. Pick a video package based on your requirements. Get the highest level of quality regardless. Here’s what you’ll get with all our packages.

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Every video will be made to your brand guidelines so that the videos seamlessly fit into your marketing ecosystem.

Your first video will normally take 2 weeks to complete, from the date of filming. After that, we can release every other video in less than 48 hours of each other.

Making quality videos is a complex process. We'll support you with any issues you might face along the way. You'll always have access to a real human video strategist. Not a bot.

We'll either give you a step by step implementation plan. Or if you don't have the time/resources, we can do it all for you.

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