Most Commonly Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that benefit most from our videos are high ticket service providers. 

They mainly struggle to convey their value, build trust and stand out in their marketplace.

 Typical examples: Coaches, Consultants, industry experts, Service providers, Authors and Keynote speakers.

With every video, we will give you very straightforward implementation steps to start seeing results in your existing sales process. Without making huge backend changes. We want to make your life simpler. The videos will be designed around your existing sales process.

Alternately, some of our packages come with fully done for you implementation. That way, you don’t have to invest in any other third party IT or marketing services.

While the majority of the video industry is advocating for shorter videos, what we’ve found is that longer videos convert way better. And they attract higher quality leads rather than price hunters.

The key factor is that the content needs to be relevant to your ideal customers. We do this by identifying their pains and desires on a granular level. Then position your solution as the obvious choice.

Short videos on the other hand are great for drawing attention. But run out of steam pretty fast as they can’t hold that attention and convert the viewer into a lead or a sale.

Ours is a hybrid model. We do a bit of both. Here’s some more detail below.

With every project, first you will always have a dedicated person as the single point of contact who will be in charge of your entire project.

Then depending on the type of video project you want us to undertake, we tap into our verified network of camera operators, editors, 2D/3D animations specialists, copywriters, colourists, actors, voiceover artists and various other skills throughout Australia and in many cases, worldwide.

So it entirely depends on the type of project.

For example, if you need us to be physically present at your location, then we can deploy our fully vetted videographers for your project. They will come to you, set everything up,  film, pack down and leave in the most time efficient and unobtrusive manner.

If on the other hand, you want your video to be fully voiced over (without showing your face), we handle everything on our backend. We’ll tap into our network of specialist globally to give you the finished videos.

This gives us the cost efficiencies of not having high overheads of hiring huge in-house teams. We simply pass on these savings to you.

It also means, we’re not limiting ourselves to local talent. So instead of deploying the best editor for example in your area, we’ll deploy the best editor we have from worldwide.

We find, validate and only work with the absolute best in the industry. So rather than having generalists who do a lot of things, you’ll have various specialists working on your project at the same time.

This ensures you always get the best quality possible at the lowest possible price point in the shortest amount of time.

When a video marketing campaign fails, it’s usually because the message, offer and strategy are not aligned with the brand values. This creates an inconsistency even though they might generate some sales. As a result, as soon as the business stops making videos, the flow of leads and sales stops with them.

We take a different approach by starting with your message, offer and your sales process. This makes our videos long-term assets for your business rather than just short-term attention grabbers.

Making a sale requires more than just grabbing attention. It requires educating your audience and building trust with them first.

While these strategies do work for every business, we only recommend them for clients who we know will make an immediate return on their investment with us. 

This is the only way we can build long-term relationships.

If we feel we are not going to be a good fit, we will point you in the direction of someone else who will be able to help.

No. We teach you how to use the video assets regardless of your audience size or following. These are the same methods we used in our own business, to grow from zero following.

The most important part is in being able to demonstrate value to your target audience and show them you care.

In a word, no. When we first started, we didn’t have a budget for ads. So we had to get creative in attracting the right type of audience without paying for ads. These are now still a big part of our own client acquisition strategy.

Our clients get clear implementation steps on how to do this by themselves with simple yet powerful step-by-step guides.

Having said that, we are still a big fan of ads. It makes validated offers scalable. But we don’t recommend it to everyone.

The need for this will be identified in our strategy call, where you’ll get a very clear pathway on the best route forward.

No you don’t. This usually depends on the type of video you’re making, the industries you’re targeting, the level of audience sophistication, your level of comfort in front of the camera and so on.

We would clarify this with you and advise you on the best practices depending on your situation.

In terms of building a brand, showing your face in front of the camera is always advisable. Because ultimately, humans will always buy from humans. It’s one of the biggest advantages of selling with video.

However for whatever reason, if you don’t want to show your face, then we have actors and voiceover artists who can be your brand representative. They can be hired as add ons to any of your video projects.

Yes. For three main reasons. 

1. We now live in the trust economy. No trust = no sale. Sharing your unique story is the quickest way of earning it. This will never change because our brains are hardwired to absorb stories better. 

2. Story attaches a higher perceived value to your offer. It’s proven. 

3. Story simplifies complex messages and makes your brand memorable. 

Most business owners we meet think that their story is not interesting for their customers to care.

The truth is if you have a working product/service and at least one happy customer, then you already have a story.

Chances are, you have several. We help you identify the ones that need telling.

Most of our clients end up being surprised by how powerful their own story is after they’ve watched it.

Our videos are built around your sales process with your message and offer being central to everything.
This means they do not depend on any trend or a social media platform being popular. They will work on all of them and even ones that haven’t been created yet.
As long as you have a service/product that your customers love, our videos will work to accelerate what’s already working for you.

People love you for the value you bring to their lives. Not for your performances. Almost all our clients were not initially comfortable in front of the camera. But after the training we give them, they’re often surprised by how well they came off.

Yes, we have split payment options available. This will depend on the final package price. Speak to our team to find out details.

We have our own studio facility where we can record your interview. 

Alternatively, for clients wanting to be seen in an office setting, we’ve hired co-working office spaces for a few hours. This gave us all the footage we needed.

Hence not having an office space is never an issue.

Apart from what we’ve mentioned in our “what sets us apart” section, we walk the talk. We rely on video to market our own services. And we’re always testing. Every strategy you get has been battle-tested so that you don’t have to risk implementing something that sounds good in theory but doesn’t work in practice.

We love funnels and websites. But without a powerful message that converts cold prospects into warm leads, no amount of optimisation will have any significant impact on your sales and bottom line.

On the other hand, a single Brand Story video, for example, can be used in ways that don’t even require a website or funnel. Our goal is to give you digital assets that maximise the systems you already have in place. 

Referrals are one of the most powerful ways of growing. Because it involves the transference of trust.

But doing referrals the old way relied entirely on someone else being able to clearly describe what you do and why you’re so special.

With our videos, we enable you to do this yourself. At scale.

When someone wants to refer your services, they can use your video instead. Taking the pressure off them from having to come up with a good pitch.

And giving you a lead who is already presold on working with you.

So the answer is a resounding yes. Our videos supercharge your referral process that is already working.

If you already have a video strategy and only need someone to film and edit, then yes. There are plenty of people out there with cameras who will be thrilled to make you something cheap or even for free.

Where we add value is by identifying very specific strategies that will drive sales for your business. Video is merely the medium that brings it all together.

We also make sure that every video asset you invest in, works throughout the life of your business. This is made possible through our strategies and structured implementation plans.

Our strategies are built around identifying with your audience, changing their perspectives, and building trust with them before inviting them to join your sales journey.

This works because it simply follows the natural decision-making progression that we all go through leading up to a sale.

We are simply empowering your audience to make the right decisions.

Most video companies will tell you that you need at least one every week. And then try to sell you a monthly subscription.

We show you how to start getting results with just one video to start with. And then scale your reach from there.

We do it through a combination of powerful messaging and pin point distribution strategies.

Sure. Use this link to book a 15 minute meeting with us. This is not a sales call. We’ll be looking to find if we can help you first.

Just let us know what’s the best outcome you’re hoping to get from our meeting. This is so that we can both make the most of our time together.

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